Our Story

MAGMA Agricultural Inputs S.A. was accredited in 2012 by the Greek authorities to perform field trials according to Good Experimental Practice (GEP). By 2014, two well-equipped field stations were established, enabling trials in both northern and southern Greece. Subsequently, in 2016 we obtained accreditation to carry out residue studies in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The years 2018-19 witnessed a significant expansion of MAGMA. The field trial department acquired new office and lab space in order to improve and upscale the services. We started forming international partnerships for importing cutting edge environment-friendly plant protection products to Greece. The sale of selected products began through the distribution network of partner company Alfa Agricultural Supplies S.A. Finally, a research & development branch was opened in Crete and formed close ties with academia for creating innovative products and technologies. In the coming years, we plan to continue this streak of expansion, motivated by an ambitious vision.

Our Vision

Today, agriculture faces a significant challenge. On the one hand, high throughput production must be maintained in order to feed the rapidly growing human population. On the other hand, the heavy cost of classical agricultural inputs on human health and the environment is becoming clearer. This challenge drives a significant global shift towards innovative agronomic methods and technologies that are both effective and clean. We strive to be a major role player in keeping Greek agriculture in pace with this movement. In this spirit we will continue:

  • Importing cutting-edge green products to Greece, validating their efficacy under the local conditions and facilitating their registration.
  • Delivering these products to growers nation-wide along with the necessary know-how for their successful use.
  • Contributing to the build up of a critical mass of local expertise in green agricultural practices.
  • Developing effective and clean methods against the most challenging pests and diseases of the Mediterranean region to then market these in and beyond Greece.
Why work with us?

When using our products on your crop, you can rely on:

  • Proven efficacy based on field trials in Greece.
  • Established distribution network for reliable delivery.
  • Expert agronomist support for naturally healthier crops.

For bringing your product into the Greek market, you can rely on:

  • Field trials conducted by our certified department.
  • Assistance through the registration process by our experienced team.
  • An established storage and repackaging facility and a nation-wide distribution network with well-trained agronomists.

If you engage our field trial department, you will benefit from:

  • A rich variety of services, including GEP and GLP trials, covering a wide range of crops.
  • Experienced agronomists with substantial knowledge of the key pests, crops and practices of Greece.
  • An extensive network of growers and agronomists; collaborations with analytical laboratories; and excellent communication with authorities.

If you collaborate with us in r&d projects you will meet a team with:

  • Scientific enthusiasm and curiosity.
  • Academic research background in biology and engineering, including substantial experience in third-party funding.
  • Determination to take all steps from research to successful products, including appropriate intellectual property management.

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