Today, the need for high throughput agricultural production is more pressing than ever; but so is the necessity of circumventing the adverse effects of agricultural inputs on  human health and the environment. To meet this challenge, innovative, effective and environment-friendly practices are being established world-wide. We want Greek agriculture to keep up with the progress towards naturally healthier crops.

Our activities

International partnerships

We import effective and environment-friendly agricultural products.

Field trials

We test product efficacy under the local conditions. We offer a rich variety of services, including GEP and GLP trials.

Product registration

We assist our partners with our substantial experience and excellent communication with authorities.

Nation-wide distribution

Products are stored and repackaged in our established facility and distributed via a nation-wide network.

Supporting growers

We transfer the know-how for the optimal use of products in integrated schemes ensuring naturally healthier crops.

Research & development

In collaboration with academia, we develop effective, environment-friendly methods for plant protection.

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Contact us